Love and Dating  Academy

Love and Dating Academy is a consultancy service at your disposal to help you blossom into your love life and to find love in the best way possible. The goal, through our personalized support, is to teach you the relational skills that you will use throughout your life : friendly, family, professional and especially in your love relationship.

According to a European survey conducted between 1965 and 2016, recent demographic data show that the number of marriages per 1,000 people has decreased in recent decades, while the number of divorces has increased. (source: Eurostat) Then the way the couple was working at the time is not really the same anymore. You should know that in a relationship, there are 3 entities: the "me", "the you" and the "we". Our parents focused on the "we", that is, the couple, the union. Today,  we are more focused on the individual, that is to say that the needs of each one take precedence over the needs of the couple. Personal growth is important, that's why the celibacy season is very important because it is during this season that we are supposed to do the work to find out what is good and important for each other  in order to enter into the relationship with the right attitude and the right mindset. It is true that nowadays, there are more appearances than transparency and this problem is related to social networks but with our support you will have golden secrets who will  allow you to position yourself in the right way to live happy in a long term relationship.

Our coaching

Our coaching also helps you identify what has prevented you from finding love so far. More importantly, our support saves you from wasting more time with the wrong partner. Thanks to our exclusive exercises, we will help you find solutions to your problem and help you change your bad bad habits. This bad habits can push you to make bad choices (and chronicly attracting narcissistic / emotionally unavailable people). In short, we will help you to focus on what is "blocking" you and help you develop and adopt new habits to live new positive experiences.

The love and Dating academy is a counseling service to help single people who want to relearn certain basics and rules in order to create the right space in their heart and their life to attract more easily the right partner to them.

Step by step

Once we have identified the reasons blocking the fulfillment of your love life, the next key step is to identify your Ideal Partner. This is where our exclusive ADN system comes in. We help to put a strategy in place for your personal fulfillment and identify who can be a good partner for you. Then we help you define concrete objectives to start dating intentionaly to live a more exciting relationship. During all this time, we remain at your side to guide you and provide you the support needed to reach your goals.


Book available on Amazon

Your marriage, your success: For a stable relationship, harmonious and happy (in the long run)

"Full of generosity, helpful thoughts and easy little things to do, Amélie Devia's book will give you hope, courage and tools to improve your life as a couple." - Pascale Hoyois, award-winning writer, coach in personal development and facilitator-trainer of writing workshops.

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