My name is Amelie Devia, dating and relationship expert and certified life coach.

I am passionate about the art of communication between men and women and especially couples.

I have always wondered how to live a fulfilling love life and what are the secrets of happy couples in long term relationship. Knowing exactly what the impact of the quality of the union between the parents can have on the children, I decided since very young to discover these secrets in order to live a quality relation of love not only for my partner and I but also for our children.

I see through my conferences and meetings that many:

  1. Have a wrong idea of what marriage really is - so people are afraid of commitment
  2. Are emotionally weak - so people are willing to accept anything for love but have not taken the time to learn to love themselves
  3. Can not communicate efficiently
  4. Are more about appearance than about transparency

The most important thing in life is learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." - Morrie Schwartz

I think it's because of these points that the divorce rate is constantly increasing.

To overcome this problem, I wrote the book Votre mariage, votre réussite in order to share with as many my knowledge and strategies to put in place to live a true and lasting love.

To me, the family is the cradle of society and the bedrock of true success. I know how much the quality of the union between parents can impact each of them and more deeply the lives of the children.

Being in a relationship for over 12 years, married and mother of 2 children, I know the difficulties and challenges facing the couple. I deeply believe that one of the secrets to succeeding as a couple is to use the bachelor's season wisely. It is for all these reasons that I created this consultation platform to provide support and comfort to people seeking concrete keys to positive change in their life as a couple.

By working with me I will teach you the techniques that will not only allow you to meet your ideal partner but also be the right person for your better half.

As an ambitious woman, wife, mother, certified life coach, author and professional counselor in a relationship, my goal is to accompany you in your self-esteem, helping you to relearn how to love you, to you connect to your feminine essence and have a more harmonious, exciting and lasting relationship.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.